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  • About AFMRecruit

    At AFMRecruit our expertise is in recruitment. Matching talent to jobs and companies using our proprietary afm360 Algorithm , which uses the candidates skills and interview grade to match our clients needs.

    At AFMRecruit our mission is to provide staffing in order to assist our clients in achieving business critical solutions. By providing excellent customer service, innovation, experience of our staff and keeping clients at the center of our services, we will help businesses achieve their goals and consistently deliver a high return on investment. For your Staffing Needs Contact Us.

  • Services

    AFMrecruit is a provider of full-service staffing solutions, with over 10 years experience, of contract, temporary and direct hire staffing services in the Oil and Gas, Real estate,  Information Technology (IT), engineering, professional, accounting, finance, administrative, industrial, manufacturing, and other labor categories. Our business solutions and outsourcing services improve hiring quality, raise productivity, increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. Let AFMrecruit design a custom solution to your specific needs. Outsourcing allows our a client to transfer a business process (e.g., security, accounting, cleaning) or project to AFMrecruit.  In addition to personnel, AFMrecruit can provide the facilities, hardware and software required to deliver the results you expect. With our WorkForce training service we offer online and onsite employee training programs targeted to your employees’ specific job functions.

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    Provides employment screening tailored to the Nigerian setting including identity checks, drug and health screening, candidate experience, global screening and guarantor form. Our offerings are the result of working in Nigeria with constant customer feedback and knowledge of industry's best solutions. We provide employers with pre and post-employment background check services, drug screening services and assessments. Contact AFMhirecheck for a free estimate! Sign Up

  • Insights - Corporate Culture

    “Corporate culture” is an umbrella term for the shared practices and values of a company’s employees. The corporate culture guides how the employees of the company act, feel, and think. The corporate culture is also the social and psychological environment of an organization. It symbolizes the unique personality of a company and expresses the core values, ethics, behaviors, and beliefs of an organization.

    Today, social media has become so popular that if your company’s employer brand is not strong, people will find out quickly. People tend to use social media to express positive thoughts about your products, services, and overall brand – and to share negative experiences they’ve had with your company.

    In this environment, a strong corporate culture is critical to the success of every organization. A great corporate culture can not only attract more candidates to you company, but also drive the performance of your existing employees. If an employee works in a positive and supportive environment, they will be motivated to perform their job well and strive to reach both their individual goals and the company’s goals overall.