Our Process

Meeting our clients needs

We meet with the client

We take the time to understand your business and IT culture. This enables us to consultatively assess your service requirements and collaboratively develop an Employee Value Proposition to attract top talent..

We review requirements

We meet with our clients to understand the requirements and give our clients a AFM requirements questionnaire.

We discuss the requirements

Once we get the questionnaire back we rewrite the job description and discuss this with our client.

Narrow down the candidates

Using a proprietary algorithm based on the questionnaire given to our clients we select 10 candidates from our database to send a AFM candidates questionnaire

We review candidates resume

We send the narrow list of candidates a questionnaire to make sure the candidate has the skills as well as a cultural fit

We conduct a phone screen

We conduct a phone screen to get to know the candidate. The phone screen does not involve any technical questions. We go over their employment history to make sure their skills match the resume.

SKYPE Technical Interview

For some positions we conduct a SKYPE interview with the candidates.

Face-To-Face Interview

Our Face to Face interview is our most comprehensive interview. This is a technical interview conducted by one of our staff member.

Submit Candidate Resume to Client

Finally we submit three candidates to our client for each position. The clients get a complete rating of each individual submitted for the position.

We find your employees you run your business

Case Studies #1

afmrecruit assisted a real estate company in Lekki to grow its sales team

Case Studies #2

afmrecruit assists a fast growing Oil and gas services company in filling up its contract staff

Project Governance

We follow a specific methodology for all our clients recruitment needs. Our CEO is the single point of accountability for the success of each placement.