Job description

    Credit/Risk Analyst

    Date: January 21, 2019

    Location: Lekki


    The Credit Risk Manager is responsible for setting limits, provisioning, scenario testing and stress testing. That is He/She is responsible for the credit risk processes. He/She is also responsible for bench-marking current risk practices against those stipulated within business units.Review strategic credit positions

    Job Responsibilities
    Assess Changes in Largest Exposures
    Assess Counterparty Ratings
    Review if there are any pending credits to be cleared by the chief credit officer or board
    Review if there are any credit limit excesses
    Review Credit Limits
    Assess if provisions are up to date
    Review if concentrations are within stipulated limits
    Assess if all credit exposures are covered and mapped
    Check for wrong way positions
    Report all significant risks
    Ensure credit risk reports reach all relevant parties
    Discuss significant credit risks if any with top management
    Conduct stress and scenario testing and analysis of portfolio at global levels
    Ensure no relevant scenarios are missed in testing
    Review past or anticipated changes in provisions
    Review if any changes need to be made in specific provisions
    Ensure all transactions have full and proper documentation
    Review rating triggers and break clauses
    Ensure credit protection is fully understood and utilized
    Explore if there are any further possibilities of exploiting credit protection

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